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New renderings from smantzer

Smantzer just sent in a set of very nicely rendered perspective views.

Higher quality originals:

Wiki Architecture Painting - by Arch1k:

This post is "… about the painting workshop I’m taking at the moment, called Architecture through Painting. For the next few months, I will be working on a 6×6 foot painting, which, as I decided, will be a reconstructed vision of the Open Source White House. Of course, since my instructor is Tom Dubicanac, I will have to include a nude somewhere in the composition, which makes it extra challenging."
This is the video I presented along with the painting:

Intertext - Prelude to painting of Wiki Architecture Project from arch1k on Vimeo.

Below are weekly snapshots of the complete painting:

→ View Full Article Nov 1st, 2008

By Slychimera:

Developing arch1k's model a further layer of concept was added. The evolution through open source is mediated with a historical time line. The development now occurs horizontally and the building undergoes an "expansion" whenever the country has reached an achievement in civil progress. The building organizes itself and its evolution through the plaza and main circulation. A 3D model and text will follow.

Oct 27th, 2008

Source files:

White House Redux: Competition Entree

Finally a complete set of panels for the competition. I arch1k sent these the night of the due date night. Sorry for the late post.

Videos illustrating the state of building before the competition's deadline. The soundtrack is by Siba (Alexander and Dmitry Soloviev) and released under a Creative Commons license.

Open Source White House Redux (HD) (Siba soundtrack) from arch1k on Vimeo.

Open Source White House Redux from arch1k on Vimeo.

Source files:

include tagged cameras from the video

smantzer: Ideas

We have a new contribution into our bank of ideas. The new set of renderings are from smantzersmantzer who decided to offer an alternative and more patriotic take on the project.

Source files:

arch1k: Ideas

Below is a set of sketches depicting what may be described as a visually/schematically open source architecture. First 5 images are open structures that can receive many various dwelling modules and workplace. The structural spires may hold leach-like symbiotic dwelling containers(image 3) along their sides.
The diagram image I (arch1k) made earlier, describes the inner-working of a possible Open Source architecture School.
The last two images are another exercise showing the growth progression of a proposed Open Source mall to be located on the current Tunny's Pasture site, in Ottawa.

Another set of sketches portraying a possible tower complex with retractable containers-spaces(image 1), followed by a tensile structure for the tower(upper image 2), and a sketch of a highway-like garden(lower image 2), schematically depicting a lattice network situation, or if you will, can be interpreted as a stitching between the democratic and republican.

Kit of parts

Bellow is a small selection of 3D models in SketchUp just to get things going sooner. It is a kit of parts to be assembled and reassembled in different ways. Hopefully this will expand quickly as the project moves on.




Site plan of the current White House in *.dwg (AutoCAD) as it was posted on White House Redux site:

3D model of the existing White House site and the surrounding area (see preview). The content has two parts: a more detailed layer of the immediate area, and a more schematic layer of the more distant parts.

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