» Despite the surprisingly high levels of traffic to this site the project still remains rather static and some measures need to be taken in order to engage a more active demographic. Possibly if the existing architectural data was to be transformed into other mediums the collaboration could kick off there. Maybe text is a more malleable and accessible medium for the internet.

— Arch1K. Sept.24.08

» yorik recently introduced me to Verse - a set of plug-ins designed for Blender, 3d Studio Max and other 3D modelers. Essentially, this technology revolutionizes collaborative computer modeling, by linking multiple users via internet. Verse synchronizes the changes done on a single machine by distributing them to all other clients in real time. The whole project is still young and yet to be properly documented, However it seems very promising, and may be an interesting direction to take with Wiki Architecture.

Follow these links for more info: Verse Blender, Blender Wiki and GraphicAll to obtain a Blender version with Verse

— Arch1K. July.22.08

» Over the past few months I've noticed that the Wiki Architecture was mentioned in some very credible resources, along with both positive and negative cometary. I've decided to make a habit of documenting/posting such instances.

"Open Source White House" at Super Colossal, by Marcus Trimble. Posted April.23.2008
"Open Source Design Competition Entry: White House Redux" at Smogr, by Randy Plemel. Posted June.11.2008
"Wiki Architecture: Open Source Architecture - The White House" at Digital Urban, by Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith. Posted July.7.2008
"Open Source White House Redux" at ~Yale Arts Library Blog~, by Chris Pearson. Posted July.15.2008
"Adaptive Co-management and the Learning that Leads to Social Innovation" at Open Source Business Resource, by Nancy Doubleday. Posted September.2008
"Open Source Architectural Design" at The Foundation for P2P Alternatives, by Michel Bauwens. Posted September.2008
"Replacement WH exercise " at The Oval Office- The weblog for the White House Museum, by Derek. Posted Jan.4.2009
"Replacement WH exercise" at The Oval Office- The weblog for the [whitehousemuseum.wordpress.com White House Museum], by Derek. Posted March.1st.2009
"Open source w architekturze(eng. Open source w architekturze)" at Prawo nowoczesnych technologii (end. The law of modern technology)- by Dariusz Czuchaj. Posted Jan.3st.2009
"Top 10 Wiki-Websites students should NOT miss" at the University of Houston's Cougar News and Views wiki. Posted May.11th.2009

— Arch1K. May.11th.09

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